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How to Choose an AC/Furnace Air Filter?


Find Your Filter Size

Check your furnace manual or check the current filter to get the correct measurements — the size is usually stated on the surface.


Pick Your Filter Type

Make sure you pick an air filter that can help with any ailments you have, such as allergies. After pick paper or fiberglass? Reusable or disposable? 


Choose Your MERV

MERV is a measurement of how well particles are filtered out in the air, how efficiently air flows, and how long the filter can last. The higher the value, the more particles it removes. 

MERV 13 | BestAir Series 3500 & 3000

MERV 12 | Series 2700
MERV 11 | BestAir Series 2500 & 2000
MERV 8 | BestAir Series 1000

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BestAir A201-SGM-BOX-11R AC Furnace Air Filter, 20" x 25" x 6", MERV 11

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